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“What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are—the Holy One of God!” – Mark 1:24

For many times we have reflected about Jesus as one true God and we have also given many proof that Jesus is indeed God. Now, on our verse today again, we are also ushered into this teaching and in this verse we can see that Jesus Christ indeed has supreme authority. Our verse is the words coming out from the mouth of a man who was demon possessed. However, even if it is coming from a demon possessed man, we can still see the power, the authority and the glory of Jesus. 

Most of the time we can just see His disciples declaring that He is God and that He is the Son of God. However, in our verse today, it is very different because even a demon proclaimed that Jesus is the Holy one of God. Even the demon who possessed the man recognized that Jesus has indeed the authority and that He is the true God. It is already amazing how people recognized that Jesus is God, it is already amazing how the disciples recognize Him by heart but it is very exemplary when the demons recognize Him. Meaning that Jesus is recognized by the heavenly beings and even the demons in hell. 

Well, it is not a comfort that the demons recognized Jesus but it is a big reality check for us. Even the demons recognize who is God, even them recognize who holds the authority and the power. However, the question is, did we recognize Jesus? Us, humans, even after all the revelation of Jesus, did we recognize Him? Or we just see Jesus as someone who was sent by God? Do we just see Jesus as someone who preaches and heals our sickness? Thus, we have to evaluate our mindset. We have to check if we truly know Christ and if we truly see Him as our God who has the authority here on earth, in heaven and even made the demons in hell tremble. 

If the demon proclaimed that Jesus is the Holy One of God, can we also declare it? Can we also proclaim that Jesus is the real God and the only one true God? We are ought to! We have to understand that Jesus has the authority of everything. He is not lesser than the Father or greater than the Holy Spirit. He is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit. He is the one true God who made the heavens and the earth; who died on the cross for us; and who comforts and increases our faith. Therefore, as Christians, we must always remember this story about Jesus drives out an impure spirit to be our reminder that even demons recognize Him and that He is God and He can drive out every battle we have. 

Since Jesus drives out that impure spirit easily, how much more all of the hardships and tribulations that we are facing right now? How much more our anxieties, our depression, our worries, our sins, our wickedness? He has already driven all of them out from us through His death and resurrection. Thus, we should always thank Him for everything He did and we should always remember that He is indeed God. We must let Him have the control and authority in our lives. Let us not let other things make us doubt His supremacy. We should always recognize that He is indeed God and only through Him we can be saved. We must fear Him, not the fear that the demon showed, but the fear of disobeying Him because He deserves all our praises and honor. May our Lord Jesus Christ who has the authority over everything continues to bless us with His wisdom and protection as we battle our inner wars. Jesus Christ is indeed God, the authority and the supreme One! 

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