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This is the “God spot!”

The safe place where all your fears, dreams, worries, thoughts are carefully listened to.

He is here. You may think He abandoned you when you needed Him, at your darkest night.

I am here to say, He never left.

He sat beside you and held your hand. He captured your every tear and whispered, “I love you” at the sounds of your cries.

You may not had felt, heard, or seen Him. But somehow you made it through.

You thought you made it by relying on ‘you.’

I am here to say He was the unsung Hero who strengthened you for your fight.

He is the silent partner who provides the necessary resources to sustain you. He created you to be the survivor and fashioned you for the tasks at hand.

When you say, “The only one I can depend on is me,” know He will let you take credit for it all.

But the truth is out!

You are not an island. You are never alone!

There is an invisible lifeline from the Divine to us.

It is called prayer, and the hand extends to us all.

You may not have cried out “Jesus!”

But He heard you say “Help!”

I guess that’s why we call Him Savior.

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