You might wonder why we are given this life on earth and why it matters when the Bible clearly says, “Meaningless, meaningless. Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless!” (Ecc1:1)  

King Solomon’s shocking statement is a reminder that just as we entered this world naked, not a single earthly thing will depart with us after we take that final breath. (I encourage you to open your Bible and jump over to the last chapter of the wisdom book, Ecclesiastes 12, for further insight.)

The average life expectancy in the United States today is almost 80. Even if we were to give or take some years, nonetheless, a man’s life is a relatively short moment in the grand scheme of history.  

This life we have is the time to prepare for eternity. Our time on earth is actually an appointment to encounter the living God.  We should live in pursuit of our heavenly Father’s will and establishing a relationship with Him. 

No matter how much success one attains in this lifetime, if he does not encounter and come into the saving knowledge of God’s Son Jesus Christ, who is the one and only mediator to our spiritual Father, then by heavenly standards, his life would be deemed a life lived in vain. 

We have a God-given freedom to make choices in this lifetime. What will I live for? What will I do this year? This month? According to what I consider values and priorities, my choices will be made, and that will determine how I live each day.

God gives you the time, but you have the choice. 

When you wake up, is it just another day?  

Today isa day to repent and right a wrong path.a day to accept Jesus as my Savior (if you haven’t already).a day to forgive that one person still unforgiven in the heart. a day to say sorry before it’s too late (as much as it hurts). 

We are sinners in daily need of heaven’s mercy and forgiveness, and it up to us to pass this grace forward.  

Today is alsoa day to witness Jesus Christ and bring another friend into eternity.a day to grow closer to God and His Word. 

Today is the day to be lived powerfully and boldly for God’s glory. Live for what really matters!

By Sarah Bible Portal Staff