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“Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.” – 1 John 5:5

In a Christian perspective, when we say ‘world’, we are equating it as sin. For the world is sinful and has been ruled with sin and death. This world is overruled with hardships, tribulations and sins. Though we don’t see that we are suffering in this world because we may think that we are still having food, we are healthy, we have all we need. However, we have to see that this world is distorted already and that even if we don’t admit it, we are suffering in many instances. 

Now, if we remember in the book of John, Jesus mentioned in there that He has overcome the world already. Meaning that the hardships this world can offer, the unfairness of life and that tribulations life can bring, Jesus has overcome it all already. He has defeated sin, death and even life in this world. He has placed evil in its place and has defeated sin and death through His own death and resurrection. Thus, He has indeed overcome the world. 

In our verse today, we can also see how God made us victors in Him. Who is indeed the one who overcomes the world? Who overcame the world and who can ever overcome it? We all know that Jesus overcame the world already, is it possible that we can be overcomers too? Is it possible that we can overcome this world too? Is it possible that we can overcome sin and death too? 

Well, God wants us to know that we can also become overcomers. We can also overcome this world and defeat sin and death. However, we have to understand that we cannot be victors alone. We can never defeat sin and death all by ourselves. That’s why when John wrote this verse, he gave a question and also answered it again too. The solution and the answer of becoming overcomers, is if we believe in Christ Jesus, our Savior. 

Since it is by knowledge already that Christ has overcome the world, He has also made us overcomers of this world through Him. He did not just save us but He has also given us the title of being an overcomer, a victor against all the schemes of this fallen world. He has indeed made us overcomers if we only believe in Him. We will then also overcome sin and death and will have eternal life through His grace and mercy. 

Jesus Christ has indeed overcome the world and that through Him, we will be able to overcome it too. We cannot just overcome it all by ourselves for we are not capable of doing that. We are not capable of overcoming it alone because by nature we are sinful. Our victory over sin and death is still also a gift from God, a grace from Him. A grace that we never deserve. 

Therefore, we are really overcomers and victors in Christ. Apart from Him, we are nothing but just a sinful race, deserving of condemnation. Again, since Christ died for all of us, He has also humbled Himself and lived in this fallen world so that He can overcome it all for us. By doing so, we are also overcoming this world together with Him. If we truly believe in Him, we can overcome sin and death and have eternal life only through Christ Jesus our Lord. 

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