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“Jesus replied, ‘You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.’” – John 13:7

During the time of the twelve disciples, they see Jesus as their political Messiah. They thought that He will save them from the terror government they were under. That is why during their time, they got mad when Jesus did things that a king should never do, especially Peter. When Jesus washed their feet, Peter really disagreed with what He was doing because he thinks that a king should never do that. However, a lot of Jesus’ actions were all a mystery to the disciples. Not just when He washed their feet, but almost everything because they only see Christ as a political Messiah. 

So, when the time came, Jesus was really so eager to teach the disciples things that they don’t understand. Jesus wanted to teach them the importance of being humble and also to have faith in Him. Jesus then said that they may not realize what He was doing at that time, but when the time comes, they will. What Jesus was actually referring to is all about how He will save the whole world. He did not come to just defeat the current government at that time, but His mission in the world was greater. He came to seek and save the lost. He came to give us eternal life, and all He did was all for us. 

Now, our verse today can still be a reminder for us. Even if we are now at the present times, we can still be encouraged by this because right now, we are all full of what-ifs. We don’t know what’s wrong with life, and sometimes we ask ourselves if what’s our purpose in life. Yet, we can then be reminded of this verse and trust God. Right now, whatever we are going through, we may not understand it, one day we will. We should trust our lives, our unknown future to our omniscient God. We may be facing a lot of struggles that we are on the verge of giving up on, always remember our verse today and be encouraged that we may not know what’s happening, but our God knows. He is our everlasting God, our Savior, and our Father. 

Therefore, we must never doubt His perfect timing. One thing we should hold on to is His promise that all things work well for those who love Him. We are serving an almighty God, a miracle worker, a promise keeper, and an everlasting forgiving Father– we are in good hands. Thus, whatever we are facing right now, we should not give up, and instead, we should just lift it all to God because one day, we will then understand why we went through this. God is not unfair, He will remember everything we did for His kingdom, and He is also a loving God. He loves us, and He cares for us. So, there’s really no reason to doubt Him. Let’s not base our trust right now on our unknown future, but let us trust God with our unknown future.

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