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A little faith insignificant substance produces great results, a lot of faith in insufficient substance will produce no results, because what makes faith faith is the substance to which it is attached, faith is the assurance of the things the substance hoped for, and it is the evidence of something that your eyes have not yet laid eyes on, but that you know is real.

If you want to grow your faith, don’t go faith growth hunting, get a better substance, the surer the substance, the more solid the faith. So to understand faith, you have to look at the substance of things hoped for, that is what the object is, and the evidence of things not seen. Let me clarify something then, about what faith is not. 

Faith is not how you feel, faith is not, let me put in a word, necessarily how you feel, you can feel faith less, but be full of faith, you can feel full of faith, and have no faith, because faith is not first and foremost an emotion, emotions do not have intellect, emotions don’t think, that’s what emotions are it’s how you feel, and feelings shift based on the information received, faith is tied to substance, that is not yet seen or experienced with the five senses, but that you are convinced is real, based on the integrity of the subject, who is calling for the faith, who is the subject calling for the faith, it’s god.

Hebrews 11:6 says without faith it is impossible to please God. Faith is not one of the things you need, it is the key thing you need if you want to experience God, because without it it says you are displeasing to god, so all of us here today, who don’t roll by faith, we talk about visiting faith on occasion, where faith is not your modus apparently, and lifestyle that’s not how you normally flow, or living a life displeasing to God.

Go if you’re not living by faith you’re not pleasing God, if you’re not pleasing Him you’re displeasing Him, why is God getting all upset about whether I have faith or not, because when you don’t exercise faith, you are challenging god’s integrity, so let me give you or remind you again of the formal definition of faith, boiling it all down, faith is simply acting like God is telling the truth.

Source from Tony Evans

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