Elon (Hebrew: אֵילֹן‎ ʼĒlōn, “oak”), which also translated as “Ahialon” in other translations, was the eleventh of the Hebrew judges. He held office for ten years (Judges 12:11-12 ).

Elon was a member of the Tribe of Zebulun. He was preceded by Ibzan of Bethlehem, and succeeded by Abdon of Ephraim. The whole period covered by their administration was twenty-five years (from B.C. 1190 to 1174); but it is probable that they were for a part of this time contemporary, each exercising authority over a few of the tribes. They appear to have overawed the enemies of Israel by their judicious administration; for no war is mentioned in their time.

Dr. Lightfoot computes that in the beginning of his time the forty years, oppression by the Philistines began (spoken of Jdg. 13:1), and about that time Samson was born. Probably, his residence being in the north, the Philistines who bordered upon the southern parts of Canaan took the opportunity of making incursions upon them.

The Bible recorded less information about Elon than any of the eleven other judges over the Israelites. 

Elon, along with Tola, Jair, Ibzan, and Abdon are only briefly mentioned in the Bible and may be the names of clans.

Elon died and was buried in Aijalon in the land of Zebulun.

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