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The Christian's Friend and Instructor: Christian Magazine Volume 12, 1885 Edition
1 John 1.
"An acceptable time."
"At his feet."
Christ Head of the Body.
Christ in Luke's Gospel.
The Coming of the Comforter
Extract from Letter.
Extract from Letter.
Extracts from letters.
Falling Away
The Father's House
Justification, Standing, and Walk.
"Justification of Life."
"Like a Shepherd."
Is there a Mercy-seat for Believers?
"Not with them when Jesus came."
"On his head were many crowns."
Our Altar.
Our Lord's Loving Request.
Remarks on the difference between holding the truth of "One body" and keeping "The Spirit's unity."
"Rest at Noon."
"Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts."
Saul, David, and Jonathan.
Scripture Jottings.
Scripture Notes
Scripture Notes.
Scripture Notes.
Scripture Notes.
Scripture Notes.
Scripture Notes.
The Broken Sabbath.
The Lord in the Midst of His Disciples.
The Lord's Love for His People.
The Power of Faith.
The Spirit of God and the Theories of the Mind.
"The light shineth in darkness."
"Where Christ sitteth."
Is there a Mercy-seat for Believers
Kindle Edition, 234 pages

Published March 17th 2015

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