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"A Debtor to Mercy": The Life and Experience of Isabella Prentice
J C Philpot somewhere speaks of Bernard Gilpin "...possessing a very happy faculty of remembering and recording spiritual conversation." The consequence of this was the publication of the memoirs of several of Gilpin's hearers and acquaintances; among them, Richard Dore, William Lockwood Maydwell, Hannah Judd, Alice Shettlewood, Lieutenant Francis Jeffreys (Gilpin's brother-in-law), and Edward Croxall Willoughby. How thankful the living family of God have been for these records of real experimental religion wrought in the souls of such diverse characters.
Of himself Philpot acknowledges, "My memory is not what I may call a verbal one, which I have often regretted; that is, I cannot distinctly remember exact words of a conversation related to me." This is why, among all his voluminous writings, we do not find many accounts of those who came under the influence of Philpot's spoken or written ministry. However this fact only serves to make this account of the experience of Isabella Prentice so much more significant. Here we read of one, first greatly blessed in reading Philpot's sermons, then subsequently able to sit under his ministry, and even live in his house as a domestic servant.
In one of his last letters Philpot says of this woman's experience, here is "...reality and truth, life and power, simplicity and godly sincerity."
Paperback, 44 pages

Published 2007 by The Huntingtonian Press (first published 1869)

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