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Through Baca's Vale: Daily Readings for Christians
The writings of J.C. Philpot have been a source of blessing to many people over many years. His sound expositions of Holy Scripture, his simple explanations of the truths therein, and his practical applications of the same to people's lives has made his written works a treasure trove of spiritual wealth for every seeking sinner, and every battling believer, in every generation.
Joseph Charles Philpot M.A. is the best remembered of all the Strict Baptist preachers of Victorian times. He was born in Kent in 1802 to Charles Philpot, a Church of England rector, and his wife Maria. Having been educated at home by his father, he received a scholarship to Worchester College in Oxford where he graduated with a First in Classics in 1824. Remaining at Oxford for a further year, he secured a fellowship at the College, afterwards moving to Ireland where he earned a living as a tutor to the two sons of a wealthy lawyer. During that time, he fell in love with the eldest daughter of the family, but was refused permission to marry her. However, his heartbreak was soothed by the joy that he found after he had been brought to saving faith in Jesus Christ.
On his return to England, he became the curate of the parishes of Stadhampton and Chiselhampton in Oxfordshire. There he immersed himself in Christian ministry for seven years, and large crowds attended his services eager to hear him preach. At this time, he became acquainted with William Tiptaft, the vicar of a neighbouring parish, and as they studied the Bible together, they began to understand the blessed Doctrines of Grace.
Disillusioned with the unbiblical teachings and practices of the Church of England, Tiptaft became a Baptist and founded a church in Abingdon. Though unwilling to leave his own congregation, Philpot resigned in 1835 convinced that Baptist principles agreed with Scripture. Six months later in a Baptist Chapel at Allington, he was baptised by John Warburton, a Strict Baptist pastor from Trowbridge.
J.C. Philpot became the Strict Baptist Pastor of churches in Stamford and Oakham in 1836. Preaching to one congregation one Lord's Day and the other the next, crowds packed in to hear him. In 1864, almost 30 years of faithful and fruitful ministry ended due to ill-health.However, Philpot's ministry was not limited to the pastorate, but found a greater audience through the printed word. Though he had helped with 'The Gospel Standard Magazine' since its inception in 1835, from 1840 until his death he was its editor. His contributions to this magazine have ensured that '...he being dead yet speaketh.' (Hebrews 11:4)
Ian LoughrinPastor of Benhar Evangelical ChurchApril 2018

This edition of 'Through Baca's Vale' has been arranged to meet the need for a very lightly updated version of this classic work which is more accessible to 21st Century readers. Whilst remaining wholly true to the 150 year old original, both in content and message, it carefully updates some of the more complex 19th Century grammar which for many these days proves to be a barrier. This light editing is generally restricted to splitting up many of the very lengthy paragraphs and carefully restructuring some of the extremely long sentences, whilst leaving the full original sense and language essentially unchanged.
The King James Version of Scripture is used throughout, both for the opening text of each devotion and for the many hundreds of quotes Philpot marshals to expound the Word. As a further enhancement to earlier editions, references have been embedded within the text to enable the reader to more easily find and review the passages of Scripture from which Philpot draws. Philpot himself often paraphrased, tending to follow the pattern of the Geneva Bible of 1560, so where odd words differ from the King James Version in the body of his text, this may well be the cause and origin.
Noel PogsonApril 2018
Paperback, 442 pages

Published March 27th 2018 by Balbardie Press

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