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John Dummelow

John Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible - Leviticus 6:1-7

The Guilt (or Trespass) Offering. Two cases are mentioned in which it is proper to bring a guilt offering. The first (Lev 5:15) is that of a person who occasions loss to the sanctuary by either consuming or keeping back some 'holy thing' (see on Lev 2:3). He is required to restore the value of the thing plus one fifth by way of a penalty (Lev 5:16), and to present a guilt offering. The second case is that of a person who causes loss to his neighbour. The same is required of him (Lev 6:4-7), see... read more

John Dummelow

John Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible - Leviticus 6:1-30

1-7. These vv. should be reckoned as part of Leviticus 5. The Hebrew chapter begins at Leviticus 6:8. Our chapter and verse divisions are a late invention, dating from the 13th and 14th centuries.2. RV ’deal falsely with his neighbour in a matter of deposit, or of bargain (or pledge), or of robbery’: cp. Exodus 22:7.Leviticus 6:8 to Leviticus 7:38. Directions addressed to the Priests regarding the ritual of Sacrifice: see on Leviticus 1:29-13. The Burnt Offering. The daily or continual burnt... read more

Charles John Ellicott

Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers - Leviticus 6:6

(6) With thy estimation.—That is, according to the official valuation; the ram is to be so grown up as to be worth two shekels. (See Leviticus 5:15.) read more

Arno Clemens Gaebelein

Arno Gaebelein's Annotated Bible - Leviticus 6:1-7

5. The Trespass Offering CHAPTERS 5:14-6:7 1. The trespass against Jehovah (Leviticus 5:14-19 ) 2. The trespass against man (Leviticus 6:1-7 ) The brief section which gives instruction concerning the trespass offering contains twice the statement, “Jehovah spake unto Moses” (Leviticus 5:14 and Leviticus 6:1 ). Sin is here looked upon as an injury done. The trespass offering was always a ram without a blemish out of the flock (verses 15, 18; 6:6). First the wrong is mentioned done in holy... read more

L.M. Grant

L. M. Grant's Commentary on the Bible - Leviticus 6:1-30

TRESPASS MANWARD (vv. 1-7). Though this trespass is directly involved with another person, yet it is “against the Lord,” for He is Creator and concerned about how His creatures are treated. One may have lied to his neighbor in reference to something that had been entrusted to him to keep or as to a pledge he had made, or he may have actually cheated his neighbor in some way. Or he may have found what was lost and instead of restoring it to its owner, he had sworn falsely about it. This could... read more

James Gray

James Gray's Concise Bible Commentary - Leviticus 6:1-30

THE SIN AND TRESPASS OFFERINGS THE SIN OFFERING The data for the sin offering is found in Leviticus 4:1-35 ; Leviticus 5:1-13 and Leviticus 6:24-30 . As to the name of this offering, it will be seen that “sin” is mentioned here for the first time in connection with the law of the offerings. The idea of sin is included in the others, but it was not the predominating idea as it is here. There was atonement for sin in the other offerings, but rather for sin in man’s nature than the actual... read more

Joseph Parker

The People's Bible by Joseph Parker - Leviticus 6:1-12

Practical Religion Lev 6:1-7 A curious combination of words is this in the second verse "... a trespass against the Lord, and lie unto his neighbour." What have the terms "Lord" and "neighbour" to do with one another? Have we not partitioned off society into special and unrelated departments? Who shall venture to throw down the lines which we have set up and to make one common society of earth and heaven? Already here is a forth-shadowing of the two commandments on which hang all the law and... read more

Robert Hawker

Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary - Leviticus 6:6-7

Did not our LORD sweetly illustrate this, by commanding the sinner that had trespassed against his brother, to seek the pardon of his brother, before he brought his offering to the LORD? Matthew 5:23-24 . read more

George Haydock

George Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary - Leviticus 6:6

The. Hebrew, "thy estimation for a sin-offering." (Haydock) --- Wilful sins require a more noble victim than those of ignorance, which were expiated by the sacrifice of a goat. (Menochius) read more

Matthew Henry

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Bible - Leviticus 6:1-7

1-7 Though all the instances relate to our neighbour, yet it is called a trespass against the Lord. Though the person injured be mean, and even despicable, yet the injury reflects upon that God who has made the command of loving our neighbour next to that of loving himself. Human laws make a difference as to punishments; but all methods of doing wrong to others, are alike violations of the Divine law, even keeping what is found, when the owner can be discovered. Frauds are generally accompanied... read more

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