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E.W. Bullinger

E.W. Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes - Proverbs 7:18

take our fill = drink deep. loves. Plural = much love. read more

Thomas Coke

Thomas Coke Commentary on the Holy Bible - Proverbs 7:17

Proverbs 7:17. I have perfumed, &c.— I have sprinkled or bedewed my bed with myrrh, cedar-oil, and juice of cinnamon. read more

John Dummelow

John Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible - Proverbs 7:1-27

The Bad WomanA picture drawn from life of the enticing of a young man by a wicked woman.2. The apple] lit. ’the little man’ of the eye, so called because an image is reflected from the pupil of the eye. It is a figure for the most precious and delicate things (Deuteronomy 32:10; Psalms 17:8). 3. The Jews wear a long leather band twisted round the arm and fingers during prayer. Passages of Scripture written on parchment and enclosed in a small leather box are at the same time worn on the... read more

Charles John Ellicott

Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers - Proverbs 7:16

(16) Carved works.—Rather, with coloured or striped coverlets. For another notice of the extravagance of the women of Jerusalem, see Isaiah 3:0, and for a description of the trade of Tyre, the great supplier of foreign luxuries, see Ezek. xxvii Myrrh is said to be a natural product of Arabia, aloes and cinnamon of the east coast of Africa and Ceylon. read more

William Nicoll

Expositor's Bible Commentary - Proverbs 7:1-27

CHAPTER 8REALISM IN MORAL TEACHING"I looked forth through my lattice; and I beheld." Proverbs 7:6THE three chapters which close the introduction of our book (7-9) present a lively and picturesque contrast between Folly and Wisdom-Folly more especially in the form of vice; Wisdom more generally in her highest and most universal intention. Folly is throughout concrete, an actual woman portrayed with such correctness of detail that she is felt as a personal force. Wisdom, on the other band, is... read more

Arno Clemens Gaebelein

Arno Gaebelein's Annotated Bible - Proverbs 7:1-27

CHAPTER 7 The entire chapter is a continuation of the strange woman and the warning against her. The Word and the law of the Lord will keep the obedient son from her. If Solomon had obeyed the Word of God, not to multiply wives (Deuteronomy 17:17 ) his end would not have been spent in the degrading fellowship with the harlots of other nations. The description is very graphic. What the word pictures is as prominent in the great centers of Christendom as it was thousands of years ago in Babylon... read more

James Gray

James Gray's Concise Bible Commentary - Proverbs 7:1-27

These chapters begin with reminiscence. A father is reciting to a son the precepts taught him by his father in his youth, and which cover chapter four. Chapter five is a warning against the evil woman. Chapter six deals with suretyship, indolence, malice and violence, while chapter seven returns to the theme of chapter five. In the first-named chapter occurs the beautiful illustration of Hebrew rhythm to which attention was called in Lesson 1; and following it we find in Proverbs 4:18 and... read more

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