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Jacob begins his journey to Egypt, comes to Beer-sheba, and offers sacrifices to God, Genesis 46:1 . God appears to him in a vision, gives him gracious promises, and assures him of his protection, Genesis 46:2-4 . He proceeds, with his family and their cattle, on his journey towards Egypt, Genesis 46:5-7 . A genealogical enumeration of the seventy persons who went down to Egypt, Genesis 46:8 , etc. The posterity of Jacob by Leah. Reuben and his sons, Genesis 46:9 . Simeon and his sons, Genesis 46:10 . Levi and his sons, Genesis 46:11 . Judah and his sons, Genesis 46:12 . Issachar and his sons, Genesis 46:13 . And Zebulun and his sons, Genesis 46:14 . All the posterity of Jacob by Leah, thirty and three, Genesis 46:15 . The posterity of Jacob by Zilpah. Gad and his sons, Genesis 46:16 . Asher and his sons, Genesis 46:17 . All the posterity of Jacob by Zilpah, sixteen, Genesis 46:18 . The posterity of Jacob by Rachel. Joseph and his sons, Genesis 46:19 , Genesis 46:20 . Benjamin and his sons, Genesis 46:21 . All the posterity of Jacob by Rachel, fourteen, Genesis 46:22 . The posterity of Jacob by Bilhah. Dan and his sons, Genesis 46:23 . Naphtali and his sons, Genesis 46:24 . All the posterity of Jacob by Bilhah, seven, Genesis 46:25 . All the immediate descendants of Jacob by his four wives, threescore and six, Genesis 46:26 ; and all the descendants of the house of Jacob, seventy souls, Genesis 46:27 . Judah is sent before to inform Joseph of his father's coming, Genesis 46:28 . Joseph goes to Goshen to meet Jacob, Genesis 46:29 . Their affecting interview, Genesis 46:30 . Joseph proposes to return to Pharaoh, and inform him of the arrival of his family, Genesis 46:31 , and of their occupation, as keepers of cattle, Genesis 46:32 . Instructs them what to say when called before Pharaoh, and questioned by him, that they might be permitted to dwell unmolested in the land of Goshen, Genesis 46:33 , Genesis 46:34 .

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