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Verse 8

These are the names of the children of Israel - It may be necessary to observe here, First, that several of these names are expressed differently elsewhere, Jemuel for Nemuel, Jachin for Jarib, Gershon for Gershom, etc.; compare Numbers 26:12 ; 1 Chronicles 4:24 . But it is no uncommon case for the same person to have different names, or the same name to be differently pronounced; See Clarke on Genesis 25:18 ; (note). Secondly, that it is probable that some names in this list are brought in by prolepsis or anticipation, as the persons were born (probably) during the seventeen years which Jacob sojourned in Egypt, see Genesis 46:12 . Thirdly, that the families of some are entered more at large than others because of their peculiar respectability, as in the case of Judah, Joseph, and Benjamin; but see the tables under Genesis 46:20 .

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