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Verse 29

And Joseph made ready his chariot - מרכבתו mercabto . In Genesis 41:43 , we have the first mention of a chariot, and if the translation be correct, it is a proof that the arts were not in a rude state in Egypt even at this early time. When we find wagons used to transport goods from place to place, we need not wonder that these suggested the idea of forming chariots for carrying persons, and especially those of high rank and authority. Necessity produces arts, and arts and science produce not only an increase of the conveniences but also of the refinements and luxuries of life. It has been supposed that a chariot is not intended here; for as the word מרכבה mercabah , which we and most of the ancient versions translate chariot, comes from רכב rachab , he rode, saddling his horse may be all that is intended. But it is more likely to signify a chariot, as the verb אסר asar , which signifies to bind, tie, or yoke, is used; and not חבש chabash , which signifies to saddle.

Fell on his neck - See Genesis 45:14 .

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