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Verse 11

And make fat thy bones "And he shall renew thy strength" - Chaldaeus forte legit עצמתך יחכיף yachaliph otsmathecha ; confer cap . Isaiah 40:29 , Isaiah 40:31 , et Isaiah 41:1 . - Secker. "The Chaldee perhaps read עצמתך יחליף yachaliph otsmathecha . "The Chaldee has עלמא בחיי יחיי וגופך veguphach vechaiyey bechaiyey alma , "and he will vivify thy body in life eternal." The rest of the ancients seem not to know what to make of יחליץ yachalits ; and the rendering of the Vulgate, which seems to be the only proper one, ossa tua liberabit , "he will deliver thy bones," makes no sense. I follow this excellent emendation; to favor which it is still farther to be observed that three MSS., instead of עצמתיך atsmotheycha , have עצמתך otsmathecha , singular. - L.

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