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Verse 20

For every one that doeth evil hateth the light - He who doth vile or abominable things: alluding to the subject mentioned in the preceding verse.

The word φαυλος , evil or vile, is supposed by some to come from the Hebrew פלס phalas , to roll, and so cover oneself in dust or ashes, which was practised in token of humiliation and grief, not only by the more eastern nations, see Job 42:6 , but also by the Greeks and Trojans, as appears from Homer, Iliad xviii. l. 26; xxii. l. 414; xxiv. l. 640; compare Virgil, Aen. x. l. 844; and Ovid, Metam. lib. viii. l. 528. From the above Hebrew word, it is likely that the Saxon ful , the English foul, the Latin vilis , and the English vile, are derived. See Parkhurst under φαυλος .

Lest his deeds should be reproved - Or discovered. To manifest or discover, is one sense of the original word, ελεγχω , in the best Greek writers; and it is evidently its meaning in this place.

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