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Verse 7

If ye abide in me, etc. - " Those," says Creeshna, "whose understandings are in him, (God), whose souls are in him, whose confidence is in him, whose asylum is in him, are by the inspired wisdom purified from all their offenses, and go from whence they shall never return." Geeta, p. 59.

Observe, in order to have influence with God, we must -

  1. Be united to Christ - if ye abide in me.
  • That in order to be preserved in this union, we must have our lives regulated by the doctrine of Christ - and my words abide in you.
  • That to profit by this union and doctrine, we must pray - ye shall ask.
  • 4. That every heavenly blessing shall be given to those who continue in this union, with a loving, obedient, praying spirit: - ye shall ask what ye will, etc.

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