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Verse 15

For though ye have ten thousand instructers - Μυριους παιδαγωγους , Myriads of leaders, that is, an indefinite multitude; for so the word is often used. The παιδαγωγος , from which we have our word pedagogue, which we improperly apply to a school master, was among the Greeks, the person or servant who attended a child, had the general care of him, and who led him to school for the purpose of being instructed by the διδασκαλος , or teacher. It seems there were many at Corinth who offered their services to instruct this people, and who were not well affected towards the apostle.

Not many fathers - Many offer to instruct you who have no parental feeling for you; and how can they? you are not their spiritual children, yon stand in this relation to me alone; for in Christ Jesus - by the power and unction of his Spirit, I have begotten you - I was the means of bringing you into a state of salvation, so that you have been born again: ye are my children alone in the Gospel. Schoettgen produces a good illustration of this from Shemoth Rabba, sect. 46, fol. 140. "A girl who had lost her parents was educated by a guardian, who was a good and faithful man, and took great care of her; when she was grown up, he purposed to bestow her in marriage; the scribe came, and beginning to write the contract, said, What is thy name? The maid answered, N. The scribe proceeded, What is the name of thy father? The maid was silent. Her guardian said, Why art thou silent? The maid replied, Because I know no other father but thee; for he who educates a child well, is more properly the father than he who begot it." This is the same kind of sentiment which I have already quoted from Terence, Romans 16:13 .

Natura tu illi pater es, consiliis ego .

Adelphi, Act i., scene 2, ver. 47.

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