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Verse 21

To them that are without law - The Gentiles, who had no written law, though they had the law written in their hearts; see on Romans 2:15 ; (note).

Being not without law to God - Instead of Θεῳ , To God, and Χριστῳ , To Christ, the most important MSS. and versions have Θεου , Of God, and Χριστου , Of Christ; being not without the law of God, but under the law of Christ.

Them that are without law - Dr. Lightfoot thinks the Sadducees may be meant, and that in certain cases, as far as the rites and ceremonies of the Jewish religion were concerned, he might conform himself to them, not observing such rites and ceremonies, as it is well known that they disregarded them; for the doctor cannot see how the apostle could conform himself in any thing to them that were without law, i.e. the heathen. But,

  1. It is not likely that the apostle could conform himself to the Sadducees; for what success could he expect among a people who denied the resurrection, and consequently a future world, a day of judgment, and all rewards and punishments?
  • He might among the heathen appear as if he were not a Jew, and discourse with them on the great principles of that eternal law, the outlines of which had been written in their hearts, in order to show them the necessity of embracing that Gospel which was the power of God unto salvation to every one that believed.
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