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Verse 1

Finally, brethren - The words το λοιπον do not mean finally, but, furthermore - to come to a conclusion - what remains is this - I shall only add - any of these phrases expresses the sense of the original.

Pray for us - God, in the order of his grace and providence, has made even the success of his Gospel dependent, in a certain measure, on the prayers of his followers. Why he should do so we cannot tell, but that he has done so we know; and they are not a little criminal who neglect to make fervent supplications for the prosperity of the cause of God.

May have free course - They were to pray that the doctrine of the Lord, ὁ λογος του Κυριου , might run, τρεχῃ , an allusion to the races in the Olympic games: that, as it had already got into the stadium or race course, and had started fairly, so it might run on, get to the goal, and be glorified; i.e., gain the crown, appointed for him that should get first to the end of the course.

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