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Verse 3

The time past of our life - This is a complete epitome of the Gentile or heathen state, and a proof that those had been Gentiles to whom the apostle wrote.

  1. They walked in lasciviousness, εν ασελγειαις· every species of lechery, lewdness, and impurity.
  • In lusts, επιθυμιαις· strong irregular appetites, and desires of all kinds.
  • In excess of wine, οινοφλυγιαις· wine, and φλυω , to be hot, or to boil; to be inflamed with wine; they were in continual debauches.
  • In revellings, κωμοις· lascivious feastings, with drunken songs, etc. See the note on Romans 13:13 .
  • In banquetings, ποτοις· wine feasts, drinking matches, etc.
  • In abominable idolatries, αθεμιτοις ειδωλολατρειαις· that is, the abominations practised at their idol feasts, where they not only worshipped the idol, but did it with the most impure, obscene, and abominable rites.
  • This was the general state of the Gentile world; and with this monstrous wickedness Christianity had everywhere to struggle.

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