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Verse 6

And now shall mine head - Now shall I be exalted. So we say that in affliction a person bows down his head; in prosperity he lifts it up. This verse expresses the confident expectation that he would be enabled to triumph over all his foes, and a firm purpose on his part, as the result of this, to offer sacrifices of praise to his great Deliverer.

Above mine enemies round about me - All my enemies, though they seem even to encompass me on every side.

Therefore will I offer in his tabernacle - In His tent, His dwelling-place: referring here, undoubtedly, to “the tabernacle” as a place where God was worshipped.

Sacrifices of joy - Margin, as in the Hebrew, of “shouting.” That is, he would offer sacrifices accompanied with loud sounds of praise and thanksgiving. There is nothing wrong in shouting for joy when a person is delivered from imminent danger, nothing wrong in doing so when he feels that he is rescued from the peril of eternal ruin.

I will sing, yea, I will sing praises unto the Lord - This language is that which comes from a full heart. He is not contented with saying merely that he would “sing.” He repeats the idea; he dwells upon it. With a heart overflowing with gratitude he would go and give utterance to his joy. He would repeat, and dwell upon, the language of thanksgiving.

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