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Verse 11

Teach me thy way, O Lord - See the notes at Psalms 25:4-5.

And lead me in a plain path - Margin, “a way of plainness.” That is, a straight or smooth path. In other words, he prayed that he might be enabled to act wisely and right; he desired that God would teach him what he should do.

Because of mine enemies - Margin, “those which observe me.” The translation in the text expresses the true sense. The word which is used is derived from a verb that signifies “to twist; to twist together;” and then, to oppress; to treat as an enemy. Here it refers to those who would treat him harshly or cruelly; and he prays that God would show him how to act in view of the fact that he was surrounded by such foes. They were harsh and cruel; they sought to overcome him; they laid snares for him. He knew not how to act so as to escape from them, and he, therefore, pleads that God would instruct and guide him.

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