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Verses 28-48

V. In Jerusalem -- Chapter 19:28-21:38

CHAPTER 19:28-48

1. The Triumphal Entry in Jerusalem. (Luke 19:28-40 .)

2. Weeping over Jerusalem. (Luke 19:41-44 .)

3. The Purification of the Temple. (Luke 19:45-48 .)

Luke 19:28-40

The triumphal entry of the Lord into Jerusalem has been before us already in Matthew and Mark. He is presented as King. Luke gives an interesting addition. The multitude of disciples rejoiced and praised God for all the mighty works they had seen. “Blessed be the King that cometh in the name of the Lord; peace in heaven and glory in the highest.” The angelic announcement was “peace on earth”; here the disciples say “peace in heaven.” Such will be the ultimate and glorious effect of the work of Christ, when Satan will be cast out of heaven, the heavenly inheritance redeemed (Ephesians 1:13 ), and the reconciliation of things in heaven (Colossians 1:20 ) accomplished. All this and much more will surely come, when the King-Messiah comes again. Then there will be peace on earth, peace in heaven and glory in the highest. Luke 19:41-48 . What a scene it must have been when He saw the great city and wept over it! Before He utters the great prophecy announcing the doom of the city, He weeps. What a glimpse it gives of the loving heart of the Saviour-King, the friend of sinners! And all came as He announced. The second cleansing of the temple took place after that. See annotations on Mark 11:15-18 .

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