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Verses 1-37

Curtains, coverings and framework (26:1-37)

Probably the easiest way to picture the two-roomed structure under the tent is as a huge open box with a cloth draped over it. This cloth was a multi-coloured, richly embroidered linen covering that formed a ceiling and hung over the four sides but did not quite reach the ground. It consisted of two sets of five curtain strips sewn along their length and then tied together to form one huge covering (26:1-6).Over this multi-coloured linen covering was draped a second covering, this one of black goats’ hair. It was cut and sewn in similar fashion to the inner linen covering but was bigger all round so that it reached to the ground, thereby protecting the inner covering (7-13).Pitched over this covered box-like structure was a two-layer tent made of animal skins. This provided the entire structure inside with protection against the weather (14).The two sides and rear of the structure under the tent were made of wooden frames overlaid with gold and fitted vertically. This produced a structure thirty cubits long, ten cubits wide and ten cubits high. The wooden frames were inserted into metal bases and held firm by five horizontal bars in each wall (15-30).A richly embroidered multi-coloured curtain was hung from pillars to form a partition between the two rooms of this rectangular structure. This curtain is usually called the veil, to distinguish it from another curtain that hung from another set of pillars to form the front wall and entrance to the structure (31-37). The pillars were fitted into metal bases and were probably held firm at the top by a connecting horizontal bar. Their tops were richly ornamented (see 36:38).

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