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Verses 1-44

David marries Abigail (25:1-44)

At this point we are told that Samuel died (25:1). David, at the time, was having trouble supporting his six hundred men. It seems that his men provided protection for farmers against the raiding Philistines (see v. 16, 21), and then demanded that the farmers pay them by giving them food supplies (see v. 8, 18, 27, 35). One wealthy farmer, Nabal, refused to pay and insulted David. Furious at Nabal’s response, David set out with four hundred of his men to deal with him (2-13).Only the quick thinking and wise advice of Nabal’s wife, Abigail, stopped David from killing Nabal and his entire household. She sent David the required food supplies (14-22) and reminded him to keep trusting in God to defend him and destroy his enemies. Certainly, he was not to do anything he would later regret (23-31).David was thankful for Abigail’s provisions and for her advice. Events soon proved her words to be true. God removed David’s enemy when Nabal suffered a stroke and died (32-38). David then married Abigail, and in so doing became part-owner of a large and prosperous farming area in Judah (39-42). He lost Michal, however, when Saul took her and gave her to someone else (43-44).

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