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Verses 11-13

"Out of that land, he went forth into Assyria, and builded Nineveh, and Rehoboth-Ir, and Calah, and Resen between Nineveh and Calah (the same is the great city)."

This extremely interesting passage explains the mystery of the great size of the city of Nineveh, which was actually a complex of the four cities: Rehoboth-Ir, Calah, Resen, and Nineveh. Thus, there is no reason whatever to deny the statement in Jonah that it was a "city of three days' journey," thus having a circumference of some sixty miles. The inner citadel of Nineveh itself, where modern excavations have uncovered some of the ruins, was, of course, much smaller. Keil pointed out that the proper translation and understanding of this passage are as follows:

Render the passage: "He built Nineveh, with Rehoboth-Ir, Calah, and Resen between Nineveh and Calah, this is the great city." From this it follows that the four places formed a large composite city.[12]

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