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Verse 5

"And Jehovah came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded."

The fact that no individuals being mentioned in this account and its action being mentioned as something that "the children of men" did, shows that God considered this event as a rebellion of all mankind against Himself. The willingness of mankind, generally, to receive the arrogance, pride and conceit of those people as their chosen way of life, and the perception of God that the cancer that began there would spread continually throughout the whole world fully justified the heavenly interference with it. God would also call Abraham, who was commissioned to be the head of a "chosen race," who would preserve the knowledge of the true God until the revelation of the Messiah.

"Came down to see ..." This speaking of God in terms that are related to the conduct of men was most natural, there being, in fact, no other way that knowledge of the true God could be conveyed. This is called anthropomorphism; and this passage is loaded with it. Significantly, while man was boasting of his tower "to reach heaven," God could not even see it without making a trip down to earth! Despite the fact that God sees everything continually throughout the whole universe, this manner of speech is superlative as an exposure of the foolishness and wickedness of men.

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