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Verse 7

"Come, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech."

"Come, let us go down ..." The plural form here suggests the Trinitarian Godhead more fully apparent in the N.T., but certainly not any kind of a conference with angels, or some kind of a "community of gods," as imagined by some. Also, it is the height of superlative naivete that prompts men to bother with trying to reduce all these anthropomorphisms to descriptions of where God was when He said this or that, or to suppose that God had to return to heaven between similar expressions. The thought here is simply that God had a remedy for human arrogance and conceit. He would do two things:

(1) first, He would thwart the spread of the wicked virus by confounding the languages;

(2) and He would also call out and separate a people to Himself who would keep themselves from idolatry and who would live as a continuing witness of the true God and His holy Name throughout the long dark ages of pre-Christian Gentile darkness then beginning its awesome descent upon the family of Adam.

Regarding the wonder of HOW God confounded the languages, we simply have no information whatever. The will of God alone was sufficient to produce the conditions that He desired to appear.

Furthermore, we may not suppose that God's displeasure with human developments was in any manner diminished in succeeding ages. This judgment of the confounded tongues would not be the last visitation upon the conceited, lustful, self-worshippers who came after the Babylonians. Ask Tyre, Sidon, Babylon, Nineveh, Sodom, Gomorrah, and Jerusalem! Nor may our own generation claim any exemption from the universal law regarding the worship of the creature rather than the Creator, "For which things' sake cometh the wrath of God upon the sons of disobedience" (Colossians 3:6).

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