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Verse 13

(13) Under their hand.—Or, at their side, meaning, under their command.

An army.—See margin. An armed force, or, warlike host (chêl çâbâ’); an expression only found besides in 1 Chronicles 20:1.

Three hundred thousand . . . five hundred.—This fairly agrees with the statement respecting the total of Amaziah’s army (300,000) in 2 Chronicles 25:5.

That made war with mighty power.—Literally, a doer of battle with strength of might (sturdy strength, kôach chayil, a unique phrase). Each chief was thus at the head of about a hundred and twenty men, who formed his troop (gedûd, 2 Chronicles 26:11). (Comp. the expression, “captains of hundreds.”) The actual number in each century may have varied, as in the Roman army.

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