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Verses 6-40


". . . an explicit literary structure to the book is expressed in the sermons or speeches of Moses; a substructure is discernible in the covenantal character of the book; and a theological structure is revealed in its theme of the exclusive worship of the Lord as found in the Ten Commandments, particularly in the First Commandment and its positive expression in the Shema (Deuteronomy 6:4-5)." [Note: Patrick D. Miller, Deuteronomy, p. 10.]

The writer set forth God’s acts for Israel as the basis on which he appealed to the new generation of Israelites to renew the Mosaic Covenant with Him.

". . . it is not an overstatement to propose that covenant is the theological center of Deuteronomy. . . .

". . . any attempt to deal with Deuteronomy theologically must do so with complete and appropriate attention to its form and its dominant covenant theme. This means that God’s revelation of Himself and of other matters must be understood within a covenant context because it is His purpose in the document to represent Himself in a particularized role-Sovereign, Redeemer, covenant-maker, and benefactor." [Note: Merrill, "A Theology . . .," p. 62. See also idem, "Deuteronomy," in The Old Testament Explorer, p. 131-32.]

"The preamble in the international suzerainty treaties was followed by a historical survey of the relationship of lord and vassal. It was written in an I-thou style, and it sought to establish the historical justification for the lord’s continuing reign. Benefits allegedly conferred upon the vassal by the lord were cited, with a view to grounding the vassal’s allegiance in a sense of gratitude complementary to the sense of fear which the preamble’s awe-inspiring identification of the suzerain was calculated to produce. When treaties were renewed, the historical prologue was brought up to date. All these formal features characterize Deuteronomy 1:6 to Deuteronomy 4:49." [Note: Kline, "Deuteronomy," p. 157.]

Moses pointed out Israel’s unfaithfulness to emphasize God’s faithfulness.

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