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2. Circumcision and celebration of the Passover 5:1-12

"This [fifth] chapter records four experiences which God brought to Joshua and the people, each one centered about a token, or symbol . . . The Token of Circumcision: Restoration to covenant favor (Joshua 5:2-9) . . . The Token of Blood: Anticipation of deliverance (Joshua 5:10) . . . The Token of Fruit: Appropriation of the blessing (Joshua 5:11-12) . . . The Token of a Sword: Revelation of a holy war (Joshua 5:13-15)." [Note: Jensen, pp. 49-51.]

God had guaranteed Joshua’s success only as he kept the Mosaic Law (Joshua 1:7). It was necessary therefore that all the males who had been born in the wilderness and had not undergone circumcision should do so. Circumcision brought the individual male under the blessings of the Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 17). It was also a prerequisite for partaking in the Passover that God required of all Israelites yearly (Exodus 12). Like the stones just set up, circumcision was also a memorial.

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