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Verses 16-27

The Israelites suffered no significant losses in the mopping up operation that followed. "No one uttered a word against" (Joshua 10:21) means no one lifted a finger in resistance against the Israelites (cf. Exodus 11:7).

Putting one’s foot on the necks of one’s enemies was a symbolic act that represented complete subjugation in the ancient Near East (Joshua 10:24; cf. 1 Kings 5:3; Psalms 8:6; Psalms 110:1). The act also gave the Israelites greater confidence. Joshua strengthened the impact of this act with an encouraging exhortation (Joshua 10:25).

Israel’s leaders placed large stones over the grave of the Canaanite kings (Joshua 10:27) for the benefit of future observers (cf. Joshua 7:25). This constituted still another memorial to God’s faithfulness and power.

As believers experience increasing success in our spiritual warfare, we normally experience increasing opposition from our spiritual enemies, as Israel did. Still, the Lord fights alongside His people (2 Corinthians 12:9). We have responsibilities to secure victory (e.g., trust, obedience, using our resources, etc.; cf. Ephesians 6:14-18). The Lord also provides assistance naturally and supernaturally. He enables us to use the strength, wisdom, and endurance He has given us. He also does things we cannot possibly do for ourselves. He gave the Israelite army extra light and sent hail from the sky. He gives us material gifts, He changes the hearts of people, and He opens up new opportunities for us, to name a few of His mighty acts.

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