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Verse 16

The structure of Judges 2:11-23 points out the importance of Judges 2:16.

A Apostasy (Judges 2:11-13)

B Wrath (Judges 2:14-15)

C Grace (Judges 2:16)

A’ Apostasy (vv.17-19)

B’ Wrath (Judges 2:20-23) [Note: Dale Ralph Davis, Such a Great Salvation, p. 39.]

"The narrator begins to speak of divine mercy without any hint of prior repentance. In this book Yahweh’s actions will not typically be bound to any mechanical formula of blessing and or retribution, based upon what human beings earn by their actions. Rather he intervenes on Israel’s behalf solely on the basis of his compassion; the scene of Israelite distress moves the divine patron to action." [Note: Block, Judges . . ., p. 128.]

The repeated cycle of deliverances in this book highlights a God whose essential nature is to show mercy, forgive, and extend life in spite of inveterate sinning. [Note: See McCann, p. 25; Howard, pp. 118-20; and Michael Wilcock, The Message of Judges: Grace Abounding, pp. 13-16.]

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