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Verses 20-23

None of the Israelites’ conflicts in the Book of Judges involved the conquest of new territory; they all simply concerned throwing off the yoke of an oppressor. The writer explained the type of test that the continuation of the Canaanites among the Israelites constituted more fully in the next section.

". . . in a real sense the book of Judges actually involves multiple replayings of the pattern found already in the Torah, especially the book of Exodus: God delivers the people, who then disobey, experiencing not only the destructive results of their disobedience (the guilty are by no means cleared, as Exodus 34:7 says) but also the steadfast love and faithfulness of a God who cannot finally let the people go . . ." [Note: Ibid., p. 15. Cf. Genesis 6:5; 8:21; Exodus 34:6-10.]

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