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Verses 17-26

The reason the wicked die 21:17-26

Job claimed that the wicked die for the same reason the righteous die. They are sinners. They do not invariably die early because they are wicked sinners. Furthermore, God does not punish the children of the wicked who die late in life for their parents’ sins. Job said that would be no punishment on the parents since they would not be alive to witness their children’s suffering. He also pointed out that his companions were putting God in a box by not allowing Him to judge freely but requiring that He behave according to their theological conceptions (Job 21:22).

"Those who do not believe in an absolutely sovereign God cannot possibly appreciate the depth of the problem Job presented in Job 21:23-26. The answer still alludes [sic eludes] us. Even with all our additional revelation (Romans 8:28), we often stand in anguish over the apparent injustice and seeming cruelty of God’s providence." [Note: Smick, "Job," p. 950.]

"Of course, Job is talking [in Job 21:26] about the physical side of death and not the spiritual. When death comes, it obviously makes a great deal of difference in the next life whether or not the person had faith in Jesus Christ (Hebrews 9:27)." [Note: Wiersbe, p. 46.]

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