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Verses 28-40

A. The Triumphal Entry 19:28-40 (cf. Matthew 21:1-9; Mark 11:1-10; John 12:12-19)

Luke did not record Jesus’ actual entrance into the city of Jerusalem. He stressed Jesus’ approach to Jerusalem and His lamentation over it (Luke 19:41-44). This presentation has the effect of eliminating the triumphant spirit of Jesus’ coming and replacing it with sadness over Jesus’ rejection.

Until now, Jesus typically discouraged people from proclaiming that He was the Messiah. Now He not only allowed people to identify Him as such but encouraged them to do so. The time of His official presentation to Israel as her Messiah had come.

"Everything He did over the course of these days was designed to call attention to the fact that He is the Messiah." [Note: Martin, p. 253.]

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