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Verses 26-49

F. The crucifixion of Jesus 23:26-49

Luke’s account of the crucifixion includes a prophecy of the fate of Jerusalem (Luke 23:29-31), more emphasis on the men who experienced crucifixion with Jesus (Luke 23:39-43), and less stress on the crowd that mocked Jesus. It climaxes with Jesus’ final prayer of trust in His Father (Luke 23:46) and the reactions of various people to His death (Luke 23:47-49).

"In this version of the story we may see an accent on the way in which Jesus died as a martyr, innocent of the charges against him, trusting to the end in God, and assured of his own place in paradise. The whole scene vindicates the claim that he is the Messiah of God." [Note: Marshall, The Gospel . . ., p. 862.]

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