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Verses 1-31

In the history of construction we now pass to the court itself. Here again the furniture was first prepared. The brazen altar led the way as the symbol of absolute devotion to God. This was followed by the laver, a gracious provision for the constant cleansing of those who were to find their way into the Holy Place for communion and testimony. Then followed the making of the courts, its curtains, its pillars, and its sockets of redemption silver. Finally the screen of embroidered work for the gate was prepared.

The study of this pattern and the work done to carry it out must inevitably lead the thought to the fulfillment of everything symbolized in and through Christ. Whereas there may be fanciful and almost fantastic interpretations, there can be no doubt that everything was intended to teach great lessons and to lead the thought of these people to the spiritual nature of their life under the government of God. If we may use the term with all reverence, lifting it on to the highest level of application, the whole Hebrew economy was that of an elementary education, the employment of the kindergarten method of pictures, leading to underlying and eternal truth.

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