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Verses 1-33

Chapter fifteen is a strange and solemn one in many ways, dealing as it does with the law of uncleanness as it applies to the question of issues. As in the case of the laws concerning childbirth, here the mind is once more brought face to face with dread and forceful solemnity to the fact of the defilement of the race.

A careful perusal of these requirements reminds us that the procreative faculties are all underneath the curse as the result of race pollution. Whether the exercise of such faculties be natural or unnatural, in the sight of a God of absolute holiness they are tainted with sin. Therefore, for the people of God, most stringent laws were made for cleansing.

This section has a solemn message to all of us concerning the fact of the pollution of our nature at its very fountainhead and the consequently perpetual necessity for cleansing. Such views may not be popular in our own day and generation, but experience perpetually teaches that to forget them or to neglect their solemn warning issues in disastrous results and a paralysis of the possibility of communion with God.

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