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Verses 1-48

The action of the Levite served its purpose. The nation was stirred momentarily to its center. A great moral passion flamed out. Underneath all the degeneracy was a true stratum of religious conviction, which in the presence of the iniquity of the men of Gibeah sprang to life and action.

It is very remarkable how in the case of nations backsliding from religious ideals this is ever true. In the midst of most sordid and debased times, in the presence of some more than usually violent manifestation of evil, the slumbering convictions of the past will flame into new sensitiveness and demand recognition.

In response to the ghastly and bloody appeal of the Levite we see the tribes of Israel gathered together before God seeking to know how to act.

The low level of morality which had manifested itself in so powerful a form could be dealt with by general suffering. The men who were in the wrong were brutally defiant and refused to hand over the sinners. Moreover, they were strong enough at the first to defeat the army of Israel, and once again its hosts are seen in lamentation, waiting before God.

After this, they again went forward, this time to victory and the sore punishment of the sinning people and of those who had condoned their sin.

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