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Verses 1-55

Still the same method is manifest. The twelve sons of Israel are mentioned. All of them are subsequently referred to, with the exception of Dan and Zebulun, of whose descendants this chronicler gives no account. The direct line of interest in tracing the divine method passes through Judah. The process of exclusion still goes forward on the principles of character. Er, the firstborn, is slain because of his evil, and Achar likewise.

Some lines of descent excluded are again traced, and for the same reason as before, that of their relation to the history of the chosen people. From Judah the movement passes through Perez and Hezron to Ram, somewhat indirectly. Then directly through Jesse to David. In the case of Jesse another crisis and a new departure are observed. He had seven sons, but of them the youngest was chosen. David is the one through whom the royal line is to be preserved until it culminates in God's one and only King.

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