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Verses 20-28

We have here a similar prediction against Coniah: and a very awful one it is. He is to be made a captive, and to die in a foreign land, even in a land of all others he most dreaded and hated. And what sums up the finishing stroke of his misery. He is to be forsaken of the Lord. Some have thought, that as we do not read of any Coniah, among the Kings: but Jeconiah the son of Jehoiakim; that the alteration of his name was to show the Lord's displeasure. See 2 Kings 24:8 . which in the margin of our old Bibles, makes it Jeconiah, see 1 Chronicles 3:16 . And the striking off the Jah, they say, was a confirmation of this displeasure; as the addition to Abram's name on the contrary, was intended as a token of divine favor. Genesis 17:5 .

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