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Verses 1-16

I cannot but believe, though the thing is not plainly revealed, that the Lord hath in this place a spiritual meaning, and which is principally intended by these scriptures. Surely Ezekiel ministry would not be directed, in so large a part of it, to the relation of other nations in their sins, and judgment, and punishment, but with an eye to the people of God for their improvement from them. And what can open an higher improvement than spiritually to contemplate the destruction of all those monarchies for the rejection of God's covenant in Christ? Indeed, from what is said in the book of the Revelation by St. John, we have some authority to look at the subject at least under this view, though not perhaps enough to draw positive conclusions therefrom. There we read that the court which is without the temple is given to the Gentiles, and the holy city they were to tread under feet forty and two months. And as the same scripture proceeds to tell us, that this great city is spiritually called Sodom and Egypt, we cannot but be led to conclude, that somewhat of this nature is intended from these scriptures. Revelation 11:2-8 . And still more from what is said to be the general intention of the Lord in those chastisements of Egypt, namely, that when the Lord hath made Egypt desolate, and smitten all them that dwell therein, then (he saith) shall they know that I am the Lord. It should seem to be the ultimate object of all visitations, that when Israel is gathered, the Gentile Church also shall be called. So speaks the Lord by the Prophet Isaiah: The Gentiles shall come to thy (Church's) light, (in Jesus,) and kings to the brightness of thy rising. Isaiah 60:3 . Indeed the whole purport of prophecy is to this effect. Isaiah 2:2-4 ; Isaiah 4:1 etc. Haggai 2:6-7 etc.

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