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Verses 1-31


The closing chapters detail the execution of the plan of the Tabernacle previously revealed. In the first we are told of the offerings the people made for the work, in the next four the progress of the building is recorded, and the last we have the completion and acceptance of the whole on God’s part.

NOTE (1) that an important principle in the gifts was the willingness of those who gave (Exodus 35:5 ); (2) the women contributed as well as the men (Exodus 35:22 ); (3) their liberality exceeded the necessity (Exodus 36:5-6 ); and (4) the sum total was very large (Exodus 38:24-29 ), so large, that although the people were laborers in Egypt for the most part, yet they must have had much wealth. We should remember, too, the contribution the Egyptians made to them as they departed.

When was the Tabernacle to be set up (Exodus 40:1-2 )? How long was this after they had left Egypt (Exodus 5:17 )? In what manner did God set His seal of approval on the work (Exodus 40:34 )? What indicates that the cloud now rested permanently on the Tabernacle (Exodus 40:36 )?

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