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Verses 1-34

The Disobedient Prophet

2. Josiah] for the fulfilment see 2 Kings 23:15-20. Some 300 years separated the prediction from the event, and the mention by name of the king destined to accomplish it is unlike the methods of Hebrew prophecy in general. It is possible that the records upon which the present account is based were less precise, and that Josiah’s name was introduced by the compiler of the book of Kings, who lived after Josiah’s time and was familiar with what he had done. Offer] better, ’slaughter.’ They would not be offered in sacrifice.

3. A sign] The fulfilment of the prediction in 1 Kings 13:3 would be a warranty for the fulfilment of the prediction in 1 Kings 13:2: cp. 1 Samuel 2:34; Isaiah 38:7, Isaiah 38:8.

8. I will not.. thee] The prophet, who had come from Judah, was not to hold any friendly intercourse with the offending nation, or receive hospitality within its borders.

11. There dwelt.. Beth-el] The fact that the old prophet remained at Bethel and acquiesced without protest in the king’s idolatry indicated that he was not loyal to the principles of spiritual religion. Being unfaithful himself he became the tempter of others (1 Kings 13:18).

22. Shall not come.. fathers] This was esteemed a dishonour: cp. 2 Chronicles 21:20.

24. A lion] for lions in Palestine cp. Judges 14:5; 1 Samuel 17:34; 2 Samuel 23:20; 1 Kings 20:36; 2 Kings 17:25. Their chief haunt would be the jungle in the Jordan valley.

28. The lion had not eaten] So strange an occurrence was calculated to attract attention to the prophet’s fate.

31. Lay my bones, etc.] To prevent them from sharing the dishonour which the man of God had said would befall the graves at Bethel: see 2 Kings 23:17, 2 Kings 23:18.

The moral conveyed by the fate of the prophet from Judah is that those who, like the old prophet of Bethel, are false to their own manifest duties (see on 1 Kings 13:11), are to be distrusted when they offer advice in matters of right and wrong.

33. Consecrated] see on Exodus 28:41; Exodus 29:24.

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