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Verses 1-17

Hiram and David. David’s Children

This chapter reproduces 2 Samuel 5:11-25 with some variations in the names of David’s children, and the additional fact that David burnt the idols of the Philistines.

7. Beeliada] This name contains the title ’Baal,’ which, as has been already implied (see on 1 Chronicles 8:33), had at first an innocent sense. When, later, it contracted evil associations, the names in which it occurred underwent alterations, and for Beeliada was substituted the form ’Eliada’: 2 Samuel 5:16.

12. Left their gods] These had doubtless been carried into battle in the belief that they would bring success to the Philistine forces just as the Israelites carried the ark with them to the battle of Ebenezer: 1 Samuel 4:3.

16. Gibeon] in 2 Samuel 5:25; ’Geba,’ both places being close together.

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