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Verses 1-31

The Courses of the Sons of Aaron

1. Divisions.. Aaron] i.e. courses of the priests, corresponding to the course of the Levites described in 1 Chronicles 23:6.

3. Abimelech] an error (through an accidental omission) for ’Abiathar son of Abimelech,’ and so in 1 Chronicles 23:31.

4. Chief men] i.e. heads of families or clans (the ’principal households’ of 1 Chronicles 24:6).

6. Ahimelech the son of Abiathar] to be corrected into ’Abiathar son of Ahimelech.’

19. These were the orderings, etc.] i.e. the order in which they succeeded one another in attendance at the Temple had been determined by Aaron.

20. And the rest of the sons of Levi, etc.] The section 1 Chronicles 24:20-30 gives the names of the representatives of the ’courses’ of Levites enumerated in 1 Chronicles 23:6., but with the omission of the ’courses’ of the Gershonites: 1 Chronicles 23:7-11.

26. Beno] This is not a proper name, but means ’his son,’ Jaaziah being a third son of Merari.

29. Kish] another son of Mahli: see 1 Chronicles 23:21.

31. Over against] better, ’equally with.’

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