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Verses 1-31

Particulars respecting the Singers

1. Separated to the service] RV ’separated for the service certain of the sons,’ etc. Jeduthun] as in 1 Chronicles 16:41, this name takes the place of ’Ethan’ in other lists: 1 Chronicles 6:44; 1 Chronicles 15:17. Prophesy] see on 1 Chronicles 25:5. And the number.. was] The sentence is interrupted, and continued in 1 Chronicles 25:7.

3. Six] only five names are given, but the LXX adds a sixth, ’Shimei’: cp. 1 Chronicles 25:17.

5. The king’s seer] Music and singing were often associated with prophecy (cp. 1 Samuel 10:5), and conversely the Temple singers are here accounted seers: cp. ’prophesy,’ 1 Chronicles 25:5. In the words of God] better. ’in matters pertaining to God’: cp. 1 Chronicles 26:32. To lift up the horn] i.e. the number of Heman’s sons enhanced his dignity: cp. Psalms 89:17.

8. They cast lots, etc.] The wards of Asaph alternated with an equal number of wards of Jeduthun until they were exhausted; then the rest of Jeduthun’s wards alternated with an equal number of Heman’s and finally the residue of Heman’s followed in unbroken succession.

11. Izri] Some of the names in 1 Chronicles 25:9-31 differ slightly from those that occur in 1 Chronicles 25:2-4, ’Izri’ being the ’Zeri’ of 1 Chronicles 25:3,’Jesharelah’ the ’Asarelah’ of 1 Chronicles 25:2, and ’Azareel’ the ’Uzziel’ of 1 Chronicles 25:4.

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